Schwarz, Deszö

Deszö Schwarz was an Austrian Jew deported to Auschwitz in late 1943. He spent two months in quarantine. He made an undated deposition at Nuremberg that received the document number NO-2310. In it, Schwarz stated that Birkenau had four identical crematoria, each with underground “gassing bunkers,” even though that was true only for two of them (Crematoria II and III). They supposedly had a capacity of up to 1,500 persons. He moreover claimed a fifth execution site where victims were killed with a shot into the neck, then thrown into a flaming pit.

Schwarz made another, more detailed deposition on 26 December 1957 in Vienna (Wiener Library, Cat. No. 105927, Ref. 1656/3/8/764). We read there that, during the first night of his arrival at Auschwitz in late 1943, he claims to have witnessed how inmates selected for death were brought to the edge of a pit in which a fire raged day and night. They were shot and fell into the fire. Children were thrown in alive. Camp Commandant Josef Kramer relished the sight, slapping his thighs in delight. However, if we follow the orthodox narrative, there were no cremation pits active at that time. They are said to have started only in May 1944 with the influx of Hungarian Jews, yet air photos refute even that claim.

Furthermore, Kramer became commandant of the Birkenau Camp only in May 1944, and most certainly would not have attended mass killings at imaginary fire pits, even if they had existed. Moreover, anyone standing at the edge of a blazing pit would soon burn himself, including any SS men executing people there. Furthermore, the orthodoxy has it that, between May and July 1944, cremation pits were located behind Crematorium V and outside of the camp’s perimeter near Bunker 2. Since Schwarz was admitted for two months to the quarantine section on arrival, which was far away from both claimed pit locations, how could he possibly have seen what was happening there on his first day at the camp?

Although Schwarz never worked in or near any of the crematoria, he knew that the gassing victims were brought from the gas chamber on carts to the furnaces, which is reminiscent of the false claims made in the War Refugee Board Report. No crematorium in Birkenau had carts going from any alleged gas chamber to the furnaces.

Schwarz moreover calculated that, between January 1944 and October 1944 alone, some 3 million people were gassed at Auschwitz – versus about 580,000 on the orthodox view. Needless to say, he was neither a reliable nor a trustworthy witness.

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