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Corporate Censorship As long as plenty of companies compete with each other offering similar services, chances are high that someone will offer these services – even to individuals or groups whose views are rejected by many if not most in a society. However, the situation changes as market shares in a certain market get more…


Cremation Propaganda

Imagining one’s body burn is a veritable nightmare for us all. Hence, the cremation of the human body is a prime topic for propaganda stories, because it is easy to make an audience exposed to such stories shudder in horror. For this reason, the cremation of alleged victims of claimed German wartime atrocities is a…


Introduction The term originates from the Latin word propagare, to propagate, and did not initially have any nefarious connotation. It simply meant the dissemination of information, with no implication that this information may be inaccurate or untrue. The shift in the term’s meaning is a result of spreading disinformation through mass media with the intention…

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