Lichtenstein, Mordecai

Mordecai Lichtenstein wrote a report in 1945 in London about his alleged experien­ces at the Auschwitz Camp, where we read, among other things:

  • Sometimes those entering the gas chamber were given a towel and a piece of soap. This most certainly would never have happened, considering the mess it would have created and the effort necessary to retrieve and clean these items afterwards.
  • First, the air was pumped out with electric motors, then Zyklon B was thrown in through one hatch in the ceiling. The claim that a vacuum was created first before adding toxic gas is technical and toxicological nonsense. Creating a vacuum in a brick-and-mortar building is technically impossible (the external pressure would crush the walls), hence most certainly was not done. Vacuum claims are frequently found in statements about the Treblinka Camp. There were supposedly four Zyklon-B introduction columns going through the ceiling, not one hatch.
  • The corpses were taken to the crematoria on little carts. None of the crematoria had tracks with carts. This tale may have been plagiarized from the War Refugee Board Report, which spread the same untruth – a convergence of lies.
  • Cremation was carried out “by an electrical current of 6,000 volts.” In fact, all cremation furnaces in German wartime camps were heated with coke.
  • If the SS wanted to hurry things up, the victims were killed in their clothes. However, after the gassing, the Son­der­kom­man­do members supposedly had to undress corpses, which most certainly took much longer than had the living inmates undressed themselves beforehand.
  • This witness’s “very careful estimate” of the Ausch­witz death toll amounts to 3 million Jews plus one million non-Jews, which happens to coincide with the Soviet propaganda lie of four million Auschwitz victims, a convergence of lies.

From this hodgepodge of untrue statements, it is clear that the witness had no first-hand knowledge about any of it, but relied on false rumors and clichés. And yet, the Jewish Central Information Service in London, which collected this statement, stated this about the report:

“We have carefully checked our informant’s identity and reliability, and are certain that his report is true in every detail.”

(For details, see Mattogno 2021, pp. 387f.)

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