Litwinska, Sofia

Sofia Litwinska was a Polish Jewess incarcerated at Ausch­witz from mid-1942 until November 1944. She was later transferred to Bergen-Belsen. She signed an affidavit on 24 May 1945 and took the stand on 24 September 1945. Her noteworthy claims are:

  • Together with some 300 other inmates, she was taken by “‘Tipper-type’ lorries [meaning a dump truck] to the gas chamber chute,” where they were dumped down the chute straight into the “gas chamber.” A corpse chute between two flights of stairs did exist in Crematoria II and III at Birkenau, connecting the ground floor to the basement; but trucks could not get access to the door leading into this staircase containing that chute, and if they had been able to drive up to it (across an extended lawn), tipping the truck’s load bed would have made the victims fall into the entry area at best, but not down the chute. Finally, the chute ended in a hallway, not the morgue that supposedly served as a gas chamber. (See the similar testimony by Michał Kula.)
  • The “gas chamber” had showers, towels, soap, mirrors on the wall, and benches for comfort’s sake, as well as small windows near the ceiling. Since they had been dumped straight into the gas chamber, issuing towels and soap would have been pointless. The mirrors are a unique statement of this witness, not to be found elsewhere, and not in need of further comment. Furthermore, if we follow the orthodox narrative, benches are said to have been located in a separate undressing room, but certainly not in the “gas chamber.” Finally, there were allegedly four Zyklon-B introduction columns in those basement rooms, but certainly no windows near the ceiling.
  • She saw “fumes coming in through a [non-existing] window,” although hydrogen-cyanide gas is invisible.
  • The toxic gas allegedly used caused eyes to water, coughing, pain in chest and throat, and foaming around the mouth. While the latter can occur when ingesting cyanide salts orally, poisoning with hydrogen-cyanide gas (the active ingredient in allegedly used Zyklon B) would not have caused any watering eyes or coughing.
  • After two minutes, an SS man wearing a respirator opened the gas-chamber door and called out Litwinska’s name. For this to have happened, everyone in the room had to be absolutely silent – no coughing – so she could hear her name called through a respirator. She raised her arm, and then some strong man, unaffected by the gas and totally selfless, picked her up and threw her out of the room. For this to have happened, the other inmates respectfully must have made room, so her hero could walk with her in his arms to the door, and then they had to allow the SS man to shut the door again, so they all could carry on with their important task of dying in the name of future atrocity propaganda.
  • She was then taken on a motorcycle, wrapped up in blankets, to the hospital to recover, which took six weeks of receiving special treatment from… Dr. Mengele. Of course!

The audacious density of preposterous lies in this testimony leaves the critical observer speechless. (For details, see Mattogno 2021, pp. 345-348.)

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