Ochshorn, Isaac Egon

Isaac Egon Ochshorn was an Jewish inmate in a long row of German camps: Buchenwald, Dachau, Gross-Rosen, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Warsaw. He signed a deposition about his alleged experiences, which was filed by the United Nations War Crimes Commission in September 1945. He documented in it the most-preposterous nonsense, such as:

  • In Buchenwald, 20,000 Polish Jews were scheduled to be killed every month – whereas this camp was a mere labor camp with no Jewish camp population to speak of.
  • Half the Jews arriving at Buchenwald were murdered on arrival, the rest put into cages, where they were given neither food nor water and were “bestially mishandled.” Buchenwald’s orthodox history has no knowledge of this at all.
  • At the Dachau Camp, “Jews were thrown alive into huge concrete mixers where they were milled into pulp. This material served as street plaster; hence, these streets were commonly called ‘Juden-Strassen’ (Jew-roads).” This is an unheard-of fairy tale, nothing more.
  • At Gross-Rosen, 500 to 600 Soviet PoWs were gassed every day for eight months straight, hence altogether some 150,000 victims, although that camp didn’t have any gassing facility even according to the orthodox narrative, and the actual number of Soviet PoWs who died there amounted to some 3,000.

Regarding the Auschwitz Camp, Ochshorn claimed that he had an opportunity to see every step of the extermination process. From the unloading at the ramp to the handing out of soap and towel inside the undressing room, every sentence starts with “I saw…” He then switched back to the outside to see the SS throw in gas bombs through a roof hole into the homicidal gas chamber – rather than pouring in Zyklon-B granules. He even had x-ray vision, as he could see from a distance that the people inside the gas chamber looked like a beehive. Furthermore:

  • The crematoria had many hundreds of furnaces – while all crematoria together had just 12 furnaces with together 46 muffles.
  • He stated that, in September 1943, a commission headed by Himmler arrived at Auschwitz to enlarge the extermination capacity of the crematoria from 8,000 to 40,000 per day. However, the theoretical maximum cremation capacity of the Birkenau crematoria stood at 920 per day, and there is no trace whatsoever of any commission or any other entity planning more cremation facilities.
  • The new (invented) facilities were to be used to genocide the Poles and Czechs, since there were no Jews left.

Ochshorn moreover tells a tale how he allegedly heard the camp commandant say that the reality was so terrible that anyone revealing it to the world would be considered “a fantastic liar” – evidently a Freudian slip made by “a fantastic liar.”

(For details, see Mattogno 2021, pp. 366-369.)

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