Kersch, Silvia

Silvia Kersch was deported from Grodno to Treblinka on 18 January 1943. On 12 December 1945, she wrote to her relatives in the United States a letter, which eventually found its way into the Yad Vashem Archives (archival reference O.33-2117, p. 4). In this letter, Kersch stated:

“Tremblika [sic] was called the people’s factory, where thousands of people perished every day. There were ‘4 big furnaces’ in which people were thrown alive for cremation. The sight was terrible. In a dense forest, a red ground-level building and 4 tall chimneys.”

This is a completely unique description that goes against everything the orthodox narrative currently claims about Treblinka, which is said to have had two gassing facilities, but no crematorium at all, hence also no chimneys.

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