Kozak, Stanisław

Stanisław Kozak was a Polish civilian from the village of Belzec hired by the Germans in October 1941 to help build the facilities inside the Belzec Camp. When interrogated on 14 October 1945 by Regional Investigative Judge Czeslaw Godzieszewski, Kozak described a building made of wood with three chambers, each one equipped with a heavy coke furnace. Water pipes connected to those furnaces entered the room and ran along the walls. Kozak did not indicate whether this set up was used to kill people, and if so, how that was supposed to work. His description indicates that, what he was involved in constructing, were either shower rooms or hot-steam disinfestation chambers, but certainly not any facilities to mass murder anyone. (For more, see Mattogno 2004a, pp. 44-46.)

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