Szmajzner, Stanisław

Stanislaw Szmajzner
Stanislaw Szmajzner

Stanisław Szmajzner was an inmate of the Sobibór Camp. In 1966, he was interrogated by the German judiciary, when he claimed that exhaust gases were used at Sobibór only initially for mass gassing, but were later replaced with Zyklon B. He elaborated more on this in his 1968 Portuguese book titled Inferno em Sobibór. He claimed in it that he had received secret notes from a friend who worked in the camp’s extermination sector that is said to have been cordoned off and invisible from the sector where Szmajzner worked and lived. These notes described what was unfolding there.

According to this, the single gas chamber with just one door was filled with the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. However, diesel-engine exhaust gas is not suitable for mass murder, as it is barely toxic. As if aware of this, Szmajzner’s friend told him that the diesel engine was eventually replaced with a system using Zyklon B, and that the roof window used to observe the killing was then also used to throw in the Zyklon B. Since one chamber was not enough, another of the same designed was then erected.

Szmajzner’s claims are rejected as false by the orthodoxy, who insists on several gas chambers in one building; on no observation windows in the roof; and on the continual use of engine-exhaust gases, which is commonly claimed to have come from a gasoline engine.

Szmajzner makes several other peculiar claims in his book, among them:

  • After an 18-year-old Jew was appointed foreman of all Jews working in the camp’s extermination sector, he turned into “a real German, even a staunch defender of Nazism,” believing that all Jews needed to be eradicated, thus executing his tasks with more sadism than the Germans.
  • The total death toll of the Sobibór Camp reached nearly two million, versus orthodox estimates of around 200,000.
  • The forest unit chopping wood for the pyres all day long received only a piece of bread per day as food. With that, they would have quit working within a day or two due to exhaustion.
  • The German Jews deported to Sobibór kept admiring their Führer Adolf, and worked hard to please him.

Most of this outrageous nonsense needs no comment, except for the claimed total death toll, which is roughly ten times higher than what the orthodoxy currently asserts.

(See the entry on Sobibór for more details, as well as Graf/Kues/Mattogno 2020, pp. 29-31, 61, 72, 83f., 109; Mattogno 2021e, p. 91.)

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