Metz, Zelda

Zelda Metz was an Jewish inmate of the Sobibór Camp. In a deposition published in a 1946 book, she claimed that executions in that camp happened in one gas chamber with chlorine. The gassing was observed by an SS man through a small window. After the murder, the floors opened, and the bodies were discharged into carts below, which brought them to mass graves.

Metz also claimed that Himmler visited the Sobibór Camp in late summer of 1943, and that, on that occasion, 7,500 “beautiful young girls were brought” to Sobibór and executed in front of him. Metz claimed that in total some two million Jews were killed at Sobibór.

All her claims are rejected as false by the orthodoxy, who insists on several gas chambers; on an engine producing lethal exhaust gas; on no observation windows; and on no collapsible floor with carts underneath. The corpses were instead taken out of the chamber manually, sideways through a normal door. Himmler visited the camp indeed, but in March 1943. However, it is preposterous to think that he spent his time watching the execution of 7,500 Jewesses. Furthermore, the orthodoxy currently claims a death toll of only some 10% of what Metz claimed.

(See the entry on Sobibór for more details, as well as Graf/Kues/Mattogno 2020, pp. 59, 71, 109, 187f.; Mattogno 2021e, p. 84.)

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