Dragon, Abraham

Abraham Dragon, brother of Szlama Dragon, remained silent about his wartime experiences until 1993, when he and his brother met Israeli historian Gideon Greif. He not only parroted his brother’s falsehoods as read from Szlama’s Polish 1945 deposition, but added his own invention of homicidal railroad gassing cars (Mattogno 2016f, p. 134; 2022e, p. 161):

“They [the SS] had taken them [other members of his labor unit] to Lublin – locked [them] in a railroad car and somehow – I don’t know how – pumped in gas.”

Such a claim is not only unique, it is also rejected as false by all historians, and it is clear that Dragon was in no position to have known anything about such a gassing train, as he wasn’t part of this alleged transport.

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