An extermination camp equipped with homicidal gas chambers was allegedly located in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv (Lemberg in German). On 18 May 1943, the British received a “Memorandum” from Stockholm containing the statements of two Belgian prisoners of war who had escaped from Germany on 28 April and arrived in Sweden on 5 May 1943. They had been kept in the penal camp at Rawa Ruska, where they claim to have heard how “the Germans themselves boasted that at Lemberg they had specially constructed gas chambers where the Jews were systematically killed and buried. The total number was said to exceed 80,000.” (See Mattogno 2021e, p. 98, for the source.)

All historians agree that no such facility ever existed, let alone that 80,000 Jews fell victim to it. This phantom extermination camp is a creation of black-propaganda sources.

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